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Towards a new challenge

Since our founding in 2000, we have been focusing on the trading and human resource development business. After that, while researching various business formats, he also engaged in the consulting business of beauty salons, led many stores to prosperous stores, and produced many beauty management specialists. These developments have accelerated business growth.

On the other hand, from around 2010, in consideration of the future social situation, we have been planning for the next stage. In an era in which cutting-edge technology is making dramatic progress and the working population is declining, I felt that it was necessary to take on innovative challenges in line with the coming era, in addition to conventional businesses. That is a new business centered on AI.

Now that we are finally ready and the tailwind is blowing, we have decided that it is time to put our ideas into practice, and we are currently working toward launching a new business. Big Sky International Co., Ltd.

With the infinite possibilities that AI brings, we will spread our wings to the world.