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The future work environment we think of

Due to the declining working population and changes in work values, the environment required for the workplace in the future will change significantly from the past. Specifically, it will be required more than ever to maximize work efficiency and achieve great results with a smaller number of personnel. Such a trend is accelerating every day due to the evolution of advanced technologies such as AI.

The only way to deal with this situation is to increase the productivity of each person. To do this, it is imperative that each person spend less time on heavy-duty simple tasks and more time on highly productive tasks. It means that the fusion of people and cutting-edge technology, that is, in order for people to work more speedily and creatively, it is necessary to incorporate technologies such as AI, RPA, and virtual into the workplace to improve work efficiency.

We work in the right place in the right place by taking advantage of what humans are good at and what we are good at in advanced technologies such as AI. By doing so, I think we can create new value and produce great results. We believe that the future work environment will shine even more if people and cutting-edge technology work hand in hand.

Toward such a future, we will continue to advance our business by focusing on services that promote operational efficiency and productivity improvement centered on AI.