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Virtual reception

Current reception work

Reception work

It is no exaggeration to say that the reception is the face of a store or company. This is because we first interact with our customers, which affects their impressions and leads to subsequent evaluations. This is probably understood by most people, but in reality, it is likely that customers will have a negative impression due to poor reception.

Challenges point

There are two main causes, one is that there are large individual differences in reception skills, and the other is that due to lack of personnel, it is not possible to allocate enough people to the reception. In the future, with the declining birthrate and aging population, and the declining working population, it will be difficult to devote time to reception education and there will be no room to send people to reception. As a result, it is expected that customers will not be able to respond to their satisfaction, and as a result, the reputation of stores and companies will decline.

How to break the situation?

To overcome this situation, it is necessary to create an environment that requires as little time as possible for education and does not require staffing. It means that the reception work can be carried out smoothly with less time and less personnel. However, in reality, it is difficult to set up such an ideal situation, and in many stores and companies, reception problems have not been improved at all, and daily operations continue to be carried out.

Therefore, we started to develop a new system to solve the above problem.

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