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A future that walks with AI -Being closer to you-

Today’s AI has evolved more than before, and AI, which was truly mechanical, now has human cognitive functions. To put it a little technically, AI, which was single modal, is now multimodal. For example, you can recognize a person’s image as a face when you see it, or convert it to text when you hear a voice, but you can’t recognize them in...

The future that walks with AI

AI ≒ Human -A partner you can easily rely on-

Our company and our partner company, Aimesoft, are developing AI systems with multimodal functions. Modal means the type of information input to AI (eg voice, image, text, etc.), and multi-modal AI means AI that can use multiple pieces of information. Specifically, it has six elements: 1. voice processing, 2. natural language processing, 3. image processing, 4. data mining, 5. text mining, and 6....


Future AI system 

AI has been widely used and has been successful in various fields. For example, we have a wide range of products such as quality control at factories, anomaly detection at equipment, entry / exit systems based on face recognition and voice recognition, word-of-mouth analysis and market trend analysis, and price / stock price / sales / customer attraction forecasts. Through these realizations, operational...

Future AI system