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AI ≒ Human -A partner you can easily rely on-

Our company and our partner company, Aimesoft, are developing AI systems with multimodal functions. Modal means the type of information input to AI (eg voice, image, text, etc.), and multi-modal AI means AI that can use multiple pieces of information.

Specifically, it has six elements: 1. voice processing, 2. natural language processing, 3. image processing, 4. data mining, 5. text mining, and 6. big data processing. Processing is performed. It will become a partner that is more versatile and easy to rely on than ever before.

It is possible to convert words into text data and identify the speaker by capturing the characteristics of the voice. Used for biometric authentication by voice, minutes creation, voice search, etc.

It is possible to analyze ambiguous meanings and contexts of words (natural language) used by humans. Used for SNS / word-of-mouth analysis, treatise analysis, chatbots, etc.

It is possible to quantify and extract complex features from data such as images and videos. Used for face recognition, license plate detection, product abnormality detection, etc.

It is possible to discover (mining) data features, patterns, outliers, correlations, etc. from a huge amount of data. Used for forecasting sales, attracting customers, forecasting stock prices, etc.

It is possible to divide sentences by natural language processing and analyze the frequency and relationships of keywords. Used for quality improvement and satisfaction improvement by analyzing customer’s voice, future prediction by SNS analysis, etc.

By analyzing a large amount of data, it is possible to derive knowledge that leads to decision making and new strategies. Used for website access analysis and social media analysis .

By making full use of these functions, it is expected that the range of utilization will be expanded compared to conventional AI, and the impact of AI will be greater. Along with that, AI will become a talented partner for everyone, not a system.

Feel free to rely on AI to get results. We will realize such an environment.