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Virtual reception

Evolved reception support

Introducing virtual at reception

In order to solve the problems related to the current reception and to create a system that will satisfy customers, stores and companies, it is necessary to improve the efficiency of reception operations, as well as people have done so far. We also thought that it was necessary to be able to respond flexibly to each customer. As a result, we arrived at the virtual reception.

Features of virtual reception

The virtual reception, which we are developing, can instantly identify customers with a face recognition system and respond to them, so we can work at the same level as those who are skilled in reception. I will. In addition, the reception process can be performed automatically by voice input or touch panel operation, which makes the work around the reception faster.

The effect of virtual reception

In this way, virtual reception can perform reception work at a high level and quickly, so by introducing this, it is possible to secure stable and skilled reception personnel without spending time and personnel as in the past. I will. If that happens, people who have been involved in reception work will be able to concentrate on other work, provide services that further satisfy customers, and spend more time on work that is directly linked to sales. As a result, it will lead to an increase in sales (profit) of stores and companies.

Our thoughts

This virtual system has the potential to change the traditional reception work and improve the work environment. We will proceed with the development process, hoping that it will be useful to many people and will be indispensable for the prosperity of the workplace in the future.

We will change the way reception work should be by fusing with virtual

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